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New m+ funds are offered frequently. The following funds are currently in their primary offering period.

m+ Preservation 100 FundSeries 7-16
Upside* 1-to-1 of SPY up toCapped Return: [16-19]% Downside* Maximum Loss: 0%
Maturity Date03.31.2026 Reference AssetSPDR® S&P 500® ETF (SPY) SymbolMPLBFX Fee-based CUSIP62479G239 Standard CUSIP62479G221
m+ Buffer 20 FundSeries 1-39
Upside* 1-to-1 of QQQ up toCapped Return: [27-30]% Downside* Buffer: 20% Protection against price decreases to -20%
Maturity Date03.31.2026 Reference AssetInvesco QQQ Trust SymbolMPLBHX Fee-based CUSIP62479G270 Standard CUSIP62479G262
m+ Buffer 20 FundSeries 1-36
Upside* 1-to-1 of SPY up toCapped Return: 23.35% Downside* Buffer: 20% Protection against price decreases to -20%
Maturity Date12.31.2025 Reference AssetSPDR® S&P 500® ETF (SPY) SymbolMPLBCX Fee-based CUSIP62479G171 Standard CUSIP62479G163
m+ Preservation 100 FundSeries 7-15
Upside* 1-to-1 of SPY up toCapped Return: 18.05% Downside* Maximum Loss: 0%
Maturity Date01.30.2026 Reference AssetSPDR® S&P 500® ETF (SPY) SymbolMPLBDX Fee-based CUSIP62479G197 Standard CUSIP62479G189

*On the Maturity Date only, based on the Inception Value per Unit, and subject to reduction based on fees and expenses. This description is not intended to be complete. You should consider the fund’s investment objective, risks and charges & expenses carefully before investing. Contact your financial advisor and read the prospectus below, which contains this and other information on the fund. Read it carefully before you invest. Offers are made only by prospectus.

News & Insights

Defined Outcome Investing

With m+ funds, there is now a new way to retain ETF exposure but have greater control in potentially limiting losses during severe market pullbacks.

iCapital Network® to Acquire Axio Financial, a Leading Service Provider to the U.S. Structured Notes Market

You can find iCapital & m+ Funds at their new home at (212) 994-7400 or info@icapitalnetwork.com

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ETF.com’s Dave Nadig goes in-depth on defined outcome ETFs, one of 2019’s biggest ETF success stories. m+ funds’ Steve Houston explains their lineup of defined outcome unit investment trusts and the future of structured products.

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Despite the market continuing to climb, investors can struggle with finding opportunities to succeed. M+ Funds Founder and Managing Director Oscar Loynaz joins On the Move to discuss how to avoid risks in the market and how to take advantage of the market.

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Our Team

The team at m+ funds leverages decades of experience in the structured products, asset management, derivatives, capital markets and wealth management industry to construct and deliver m+ funds. They focus solely on innovative index and ETF solutions and pioneered the development of the defined outcome sector since its very inception.