Defined Preservation 95 Fund

Investment Objective

caca The trust seeks to provide a percentage return per unit, on the series mandatory dissolution date, of 3 times any percentage increase of the Reference Asset relative to the Initial Reference Value, up to a maximum return of [15-18]%. If the value of the Reference Asset decreases from the Initial Reference Value, the return on the units will be negative and will equal the percentage decrease of the Reference Asset. The Reference Asset for this trust is the SPDR® S&P 500® ETF (SPY), which is an exchange-traded fund that tracks the investment results of the S&P 500® index.

Key Features

Series: 7-8

Reference ETF: EEM

Current Nav


Max Loss




to a cap of [16%-18%]

Inception Date:

Dissolution Date:

Standard : 01073C566
Fee Based : 01073C574

Nasdaq Symbol
Standard : AC7006S
Fee Based : AC70006